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Clients have been trusting Showplace to create and build stunning designs for indoor exhibitions, events and conferences for over 30 years.

Our experience in designing innovative and exciting exhibition stands is without equal. We have a wide range of exhibition tables, exhibition stools, exhibition sofas & exhibition chairs available to complement your exhibition stand, structure, or trailer. From one off exhibition stand packages, to be bespoke multi-show global programmes, the Showplace team provides a tailored solution to match your brief and budget, using the very best designers, project managers and installation experts.

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Already have a shell scheme at your chosen event? If so, Showplace can offer an upgrade package with branding and furniture options.

We can provide a full range of services to make the most of the shell to create the biggest impact, ensuring you get the best possible value for money and meet your show objectives and return on investment.

From branding, graphics, flooring and furniture, to audio and visual, our expertise will help you get the maximum impact from your stand.

So, if you are looking to enhance your shell scheme stand at your next event or exhibition then you have come to the leading industry experts.

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Exhibition Stands simplified-our stand packages are all inclusive and make exhibiting stress free. Everything is included under one fixed price.

We provide the very best tension fabric stands, which offers an attractive and professional display with high impact, seamless graphics. The stands are fully reusable so offer a cost effective and environmentally considered option.

The Showplace service guarantee is unrivalled with over 30 years’ experience of exceeding our client’s expectations. You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will guide you through your exhibiting journey.




Have something unique and extraordinary in mind? Showplace have an in-house design team that are able to take care of your bespoke exhibition stand needs. 

Operating all our event stand services under one roof, we offer the peace of mind that comes with in-house experts from sales through to installation.

Working with you from consultant, building your brief to finalising your reusable stand design, we are there to help bring your vision to life, from the ground up.

We can assist with an array of bespoke exhibition stand requirements: Design, Graphics, Flooring, Furniture, Storage, Audio Visions, Lighting.

we bring your ideas to life

Talk to us today to make your brand or business stand out from the crowd with our exhibition stands, outdoor structures and trailers.



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no task too big or small

Our experienced Project Managers will work in collaboration with you, bringing your ideas to life – designing, building and delivering impactful marketing solutions.

Why use an exhibition stand?

With online retail capabilities having grown so much over the years a lot of businesses don’t see the value of personal interactions like exhibition stands. Even as we continue through the digital age however, trade shows are continually popular and important for companies to show off their products and brands and take the business experience to the next level. An exhibition stand is so much more than a space to stand in and greet potential customers; it’s an interactive experience that allows your clients and prospects to truly get to know your business, products, and team. That is why we have put together a few key reasons why you should use exhibition stands and why they matter so much today.

Exhibition stands give you the freedom to really define who you are as a company. When going to a trade show, prospects see hundreds of businesses providing the basics of their unique selling points, so it is your opportunity to stand out from the rest and show off your identity. Being part of a trade show ensures your company is part of the ‘buzz’ and can help you find strong leads that you might otherwise have missed. It is important to remember that no matter which events you’re planning to attend, your exhibition stand design needs to reflect the values, ethos, and products of your company and effectively beat the competition.

Trade shows are ideal for networking and interacting with your key audience face to face. Your exhibition stand gives your team a unique opportunity to meet prospects and build valuable relationships you wouldn’t be able to build in other environments. Also, it’s a great place to generate new business and maintain positive relationships with your existing clients. Nothing is more powerful in forming a strong business relationship than a warm handshake and engaging, meaningful conversation. Exhibition stands are ideal for holding one-to-one meetings, talks, and demonstrations that will allow you to gain quality leads as well as form long-lasting and profitable relationships.

Exhibition display stands are perfect for showcasing products or services to your target audience. It allows you to demonstrate and tell everyone what your product does and the benefits it offers them. To ensure your stand is successful, make sure your graphics are consistent with your branding and line up with the objectives of your show. It is useful to plan your exhibition stand design from an attendee’s perspective and try to anticipate the questions they may have about the products you’re selling.

A good quality exhibition stand should tell potential customers who your company is and about the products or services you provide, but more importantly, it should show off the unique benefits your business has to offer. Exhibition stands are a great opportunity to communicate to your audience why they should choose you over the competition. This can be said through potential giveaways you offer, interactive technology, quizzes, and carefully designed graphics. No matter if your unique selling point is affordability, quality, or anything else, your display and on-stand activities should clearly convey it to your audience.

Exhibition stands are a useful resource because they give you an excellent platform to launch new products or offer special deals. Given the electric atmosphere of a trade show, there is no better place to create excitement about the latest that your company has to offer. For example, you can host demonstrations and let your visitors try your new products first-hand. Also, live demonstrations will help you attract more visitors to your stand. Handing out free samples and leaflets, as well as including product display shelves and informative graphics, will help you fully utilise your stand and promote any exciting new products. Your stand should represent a place of discovery for visitors to learn more about your brand.

Face-to-face marketing is one of the most effective marketing tools available and will never become outdated no matter what new technology comes our way. It helps to build confidence and trust between you and your potential customer and provides significant business benefits. Trade show displays allow you to grow your customer base and possibly gain some international exposure. They help your company take the key messages of your brand to a range of different locations.
Modular stands and pop-up exhibition stands for instance can be easily transported and re-used multiple times, so you can put on an impressive display every time you exhibit. Elements of modular exhibition stands can be cleverly designed to slot in place to fit different floor spaces and stay in line with different venue restrictions. Our exhibition stands are only available for hire and we will safely store your graphics at no cost, ready for your next show.

Modular stands and pop-up exhibition stands for instance can be easily transported and re-used multiple times, so you can put on an impressive display every time you exhibit. Elements of modular exhibition stands can be cleverly designed to slot in place to fit different floor spaces and stay in line with different venue restrictions. There is also the option to hire your exhibition stand, good stand constructors will be able to store your reusable stand until your next event.

What makes a good exhibition stand?

Having been servicing the events industry for over 30 years, there’s hardly an industry sector we haven’t worked in. We have helped to create some spectacular exhibition stands that have garnered incredible results for the companies involved. Whether you are new to creating exhibition stands and need a bit of guidance, or are looking for new ways to be successful, we can help with our tips for what makes a good exhibition stand.

It’s essential to always brief each member of your team. Don’t let anyone turn up to your stand not knowing why they are there and or the key points you want to communicate at that particular event. You don’t have to make it too complicated because that could have a negative effect on your team too, but a few key points about your company and the products or services you’re displaying will go a long way. A team that is knowledgeable and in sync with each other can create a very positive experience for your audience.

Setting targets will help you to know where you are aiming. How will you know if your stand has been a success otherwise? These targets could be anything from the number of visitors to the stand, leads scanned, orders processed etc, providing you have something to measure against. If not, you may struggle to convince whoever is in charge of the finances that it has all been worth it.

Always follow up with people who have let you scan their details or handed over their business card or query. If they ask you for more information, then send it to them as soon as you possibly can. If you don’t hear back at first, keep following up as statistics say that 80% of prospects will say no up to four times before they say yes. A big mistake that many exhibitors make is not realising the potential they take home, leaving leads to go cold or losing them in transit when they get back to the office.

Visitors at exhibitions can be wary of stopping at exhibition stands in case they get stuck with a salesperson who won’t let them escape or get a word in. Therefore, innovative thinking is important, as is making your stand look different and exciting to anything else they might have seen. Listening before you speak can also be advantageous, even though you’re keen to sell your product and brand, letting visitors choose to engage with you and hearing what they have to say can be more powerful. Truly innovative spaces that offer a retreat from other stands can provide the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation and for the visitors to want to ask questions.

You should exhibit in an area and choose a space that is relevant for both your budget and your audience and then you can maximise it. Take full advantage of graphics that divert attention away from the competition and towards you, lighting to enhance product displays and possibly most importantly, don’t overcrowd the stand with your employees. Modular systems can create impressive shapes that change depending on the size of your exhibition space. Also, shaped stands with backlit tension fabric graphics and light walls can achieve striking illuminated effects to grab the attention of your visitors.

When you’re just one exhibition stand amongst many your stand can sometimes blend into a sea of printed graphics, colourful displays, and white vinyl’s which aren’t always relevant to your business but feel like it’s what you should have. It’s important to stay true to your company and brand, not get carried away with how other people are designing their stands. For example, if you value your impact on the environment natural materials can be a welcome sight amongst other exhibition stands.  

The people you choose to represent you on your stand are highly important, so choose them wisely. Anyone who knows the business inside and out, and can naturally engage with visitors, are essential.

Why choose us for professional exhibition stand design?

We have 30 years of experience in the industry and after all that time, we are still passionate about exhibition stand design. 

Our process:

  1. Our team reaches out to learn about your ideas for the design
  2. Our financial team then sits and calculates an affordable price for you
  3. We start sketching your ideas, bringing it to life
  4. We throw in our experience and flourish the design
  5. Once designed we then show you the finished piece
  6. Then we can start building the exhibition stand
  7. Finally, the brand message delivering design is ready to serve your business

Ordering Ready Made vs Designing it from scratch by us

Ordering Ready Made

  1. It is not able to deliver your unique brand message
  2. It can’t be focused on your specific products
  3. You won’t stand out at events

Designing it from scratch by us

  1. Allows you to express your brand effectively
  2. As the design is made by our experts here at Showplace, our experience allows us to create your exhibition stand with conversions in mind. 
  3. You will stand out from the crowd