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Modular exhibition stands are among the greatest tools for your event marketing campaign. Through proper usage, you can adapt them to your needs, space, and your brand’s message. Their portable nature makes them a versatile asset to use, offering a dynamic and cost-effective way to ensure your presence is felt at any exhibition or tradeshow.

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  • Adaptability – Your market and audience are always changing, and only the companies that tailor themselves to the changes are going to prosper in the long run. Modular stands are like your building blocks for exhibitions, allowing flexible reconfigurations to fit different sized stand plots, make unique layouts and tailor your message for each event. 
  • Cost savings in the long-term – The cost of designing and building new stands for every exhibit you attend will rack up very fast. By hiring a modular exhibition stand for the duration of your exhibit, you have access to a reusable marketing tool that’s built to last. Additionally, its reusability translates into major cost savings for subsequent events, particularly when tension fabric graphics stay relevant for multiple uses. 
  • Travel-friendly convenience – Hired modular stands take away the work and stress of transporting and setting up your exhibit. Hiring from Showplace means that our team will transport and erect your exhibition stand so that everything is ready for your arrival. Post event, you can leave it with us to dismantle and transport the modular stand kit back to our storage. With the stand set up and logistics sorted for you, you won’t even have to spend much time getting ready for each show. 
  • Impactful professionalism – Flexibility is not a sacrifice for style. Exhibitions and trade shows’ main challenge is catching the attention of exhibitors ahead of your competition. Modular stands can easily incorporate explosive graphics, lighting and multimedia elements.
  • Evolving your brand – Successful businesses grow, as does the different market they enter, and when that happens, you have to adapt your message. With modular exhibition stands, you can add new sections, update your graphics, reimagine the layout or whatever you need to update your messaging and brand look.
  • Sustainability Matters – Modular exhibition stands are sustainable, as their reusability reduces waste compared to single-use stands. Additionally, they are constructed using aluminium frames, which are fully reusable and recyclable. This allows your company to contribute to the lowering of carbon footprints. 


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Collaborative Design

Showplace understands that your presence at trade shows and exhibitions is an extension of your brand. That’s why we collaboratively approach our designs, ensuring that we work closely with you and your brand to achieve the perfect modular exhibition stand for you. We will tailor the design to suit your unique brand personality, target audience and specific goals. Using high-resolution rendering, we can bring your modular exhibition stand to life, ensuring we cover the different configurations. We will make adjustments to the design until it feels perfect. 

Premium fabrication

Your modular exhibition stand is a great investment for the long-term development of your brand. We ensure that the quality, both visually and structurally, of your modular exhibition stand is of top-level standards. With meticulous construction techniques and years of experience, we guarantee that your stand will have vibrant graphics and seamless panelling. 

Refurbishments and updates

Brands evolve as both the market and the industry evolves. As such, we understand that your messaging will also require change. That’s why we offer re-designing services to keep your brand ahead of the curve. We can update graphics, integrate new technology such as charging ports and QR codes, and even reconfigure the overall layout. Every rendition will feel like a brand-new stand, without the full replacement cost. 



Choosing your partner for your modular exhibition stand is a big deal, and this Showplace understands. What you need in a partner is understanding, cooperation and quality. Showplace has this in spades – take a look at our process below and judge for yourself. 

Consultation and discovery

Our first conversations will revolve around you, and your brand. We want to learn what your brand’s USPs are, what your goals and ideology are, and what your ideal exhibition presence is. We will discuss the types of events you’re looking to attend and any specific challenges you think you’ll face. This will be the first step of many in ensuring that we tailor your design to encapsulate your message and maximise attraction. 

Design and proposal

With a clear understanding of the objectives you’re setting out to achieve, our design team will set to work, creating detailed concepts for your modular exhibition stands. We will showcase different configurations and incorporate your branding elements in a 3D programme space. Using these 3D models, you can easily visualise the space and make adjustments as you please, seeing the potential of your modular exhibition stands before committing.

Production and build

We will begin to create your modular stand, and bring your vision to life, once the green light has been given. Construction begins back at Showplace HQ! The construction will involve strong, robust, reusable materials, implemented by our operations team who are veterans in their trade. You will be regularly notified of progress right up until the stand build at the exhibition venue.  

Logistics and installation 

Our logistics team will plan every detail of the transportation of your modular exhibition stand. We will coordinate with venue personnel to ensure permits and access are validated. Our crew will arrive with the necessary tools and efficiently build your stand ahead of time. Using the approved design plan as a guide, we will fix together the structural elements to ensure a quality and stable finish. Electrical wiring will also be double-checked, as well as any technological features like touchscreens and multimedia. Our tests are comprehensive and cover all bases. 

Post-show support

After a successful event, we will expertly dismantle the stand and transport it, along with your tension graphics, to our secure storage facility, keeping everything safe in readiness for your next event or show. 

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Taking your product out and about? Thinking of retailing on the move? Then talk to Showplace; we can help with everything you need to deliver your retail objectives.

  • Our mobile retail trailers present a cost-effective solution for all manner of retail opportunities.
  • Our expertise lies in creating mobile retail event trailers that are truly unique in design – bringing your product and services directly to your consumers across the UK and Europe.
  • We offer a range of event trailers and designs. All event trailers can be fully branded with our tension graphic fabric system.
  • This ensures the exhibition trailer is devised in line with brand guidelines and creates a professional and eye-catching design for maximum impact.


Talk To One Of Our Mobile Retail Experts

With some tough competition out there, having an effective way to promote your brand at shows and events is a must. To ensure that potential customers aren’t blind to your efforts in reaching out to them, you need to capture attention before they choose to go to one of your competitors. 

As customers’ expectations of companies have changed over recent years, to be one where they want to be entertained or enjoy experiences rather than bombarded with traditional marketing methods, an exhibition trailer from Showplace could be the answer you are looking for. Whether you are looking to hire for a one-off event or need a trailer to take your business on the road, to create a unique experiential event space, we can help you fulfil your goals with our exhibition trailers.


Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our specialists to find the solutions that fit your business.

Modular Exhibition Stands FAQs

Modular systems’ main ability is to add entire sections or functionalities to your exhibition display. As a result, both storage and functional spaces are more than possible. Shelving units and cabinets can be neatly incorporated to showcase products or marketing materials. Lockable compartments can provide secure storage, and modular components can even be configured to create a dedicated reception desk. With these options, it’s easy to see how your modular exhibition stand can accommodate any dedicated function, within reason. 

No, particularly as we do all of that for you! Modular exhibition stands are built from the ground up to accommodate adaption and efficiency. As a result, modular exhibition stands can be broken down and packed into easily transportable units.

No, as again we take care of the set up for you. All modular exhibition stands by Showplace are constructed by our experienced and talented operations team. Our staff are experts on all roadshow and trade show equipment, and our service includes design, delivery, build, dismantle and post-event storage.

Yes. There are many uses for modular exhibition stands that are not necessarily restricted to the realm of trade shows and exhibition shows. Outside of these areas, here are some ideas to put your stands to use: 

  • Pop-up shops – It’s possible to use your modular exhibition stands within larger malls or shopping areas. Here, we can help you to set up a smaller stand and generate leads, spreading word of new seasonal campaigns and even giving demonstrations in-person. 
  • Conferences – A professional modular display can elevate your presence at a conference industry event. You can tailor the size of your presence through the modular system, and showcase your products to industry-goers who have a pre-existing interest in your goods. 
  • Media events – For events where the media will be present, having an exhibition stand on-site that is eye-catching is a good way to connect with people who are viewing the show from elsewhere. 


Modular exhibition stands are constructed using a range of materials, with the intention of balancing durability, portability, aesthetics and cost. 

  • Core – The core of the modular exhibition stand is made up of aluminium and steel. Aluminium is the main material here, being durable yet lightweight, whereas steel is sometimes required for certain components such as the support beams for large scale stands. 
  • Graphics – An environmentally conscious option, tension fabric graphics are utilised for their vibrant colours and seamless, wrinkle-free finishes. Fully branded and designed to your requirements, the graphics are attached to the modular exhibition stand framework to give an eye catching, striking finish. For more bespoke exhibition stands, other materials and finishes can also be used such as: wood, PVC, acrylic etc. 
  • Flooring – Flooring is often made up of carpet, a common option that offers padding and some warmth. Laminate and vinyl are sometimes used too, providing a hard-wearing and easily cleanable surface. 


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