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We don’t just offer exhibition trailers here. We design, build, refurbish and hire them too!

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Established in 1987 as a provider of hospitality to motor race events, Showplace now has a strong track record for event trailers, specialising in roadshow and exhibition trailers for hire.

  • Our trailer division specialises in high-quality trailers, whether for one-off events or nationwide roadshows.
  • Whatever you need, whether it’s hospitality, sales, retailing, training, product demonstrations or employee communications, Showplace will interpret, plan and deliver the project to the highest standard.
  • We don’t just hire our trailers, we design, build and refurbish them.


A range of high-quality trailer solutions for one-off shows or for taking on the road to multiple locations. We work with you to ensure your event trailer is of the highest standard that will help you meet all your objectives.
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Convenient branded trailer hire solutions delivered and ready-to-go when you arrive at your next event.


Bespoke roadshow solutions for an impactful marketing or sales experience the next time you hit the road.
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Cost-effective options for those looking to add an effective retail arm to their roadshow experience.
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Showplace has provided exhibition trailers for hire for over 30 years providing our clients a flexible and cost-effective way to promote their brand at trade shows, showgrounds, county shows and agricultural events.

  • Our exhibition trailers come in a range of sizes, to suit all budgets and can accommodate a variety of pitch sizes.
  • Our compact trailers start from 4m ranging up to 13m for our substantial exhibition trailers.
  • All trailers are delivered directly to the site for our client’s convenience, so the events team simply turn up!
  • All clients have a single point of contact throughout the process, with their dedicated Project Manager on hand to assist with any queries and offer their event expertise and support.

We offer a range of exhibition and event trailers and designs. All can be fully branded with our tension graphic fabric system. This ensures the trailer vehicle is devised in line with brand guidelines and creates a professional and eye-catching design. Additionally, this is fully reusable, so provides a cost-effective solution.



Taking your brand on the road? Showplace has been providing event roadshows and exhibition solutions for over 30 years.

  • We work with our clients to create a custom designed experiential roadshow, combined with a fully managed programme.
  • Whether it is experiential roadshow event trailers, custom-built event trailers or even a pop-up shop for retail sales, we can provide our expert advice alongside the leading technology and equipment.


Bring the brief, we’ll build it and manage it. Whether it is a platform for a product launch or to increase brand awareness, fundamentally to increase sales, we offer a fully managed service to provide you with everything you need, such as additional support parts like display wing panels or av equipment, for a successful roadshow to achieve your objectives.

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Taking your product out and about? Thinking of retailing on the move? Then talk to Showplace, we can help with everything you need to deliver your retail objectives.

  • Our mobile retail trailers present a cost-effective solution for all manner of retail opportunities.
  • Our expertise lies in creating mobile retail event trailers that are truly unique in design – bringing your product and services directly to your consumers across the UK and Europe.
  • We offer a range of event trailers and designs. All event trailers can be fully branded with our tension graphic fabric system.
  • This ensures the exhibition trailer is devised in line with brand guidelines and creates a professional and eye-catching design for maximum impact.


Talk To One Of Our Mobile Retail Experts

With some tough competition out there, having an effective way to promote your brand at shows and events is a must. To ensure that potential customers aren’t blind to your efforts in reaching out to them, you need to capture attention before potential customers choose to go to one of your competitors. 

As customers’ expectations of companies have changed over recent years, to be one where they want to be entertained or enjoy experiences rather than bombarded with traditional marketing methods, an exhibition trailer from Showplace could be the answer you are looking for. Whether you are looking to hire for a one-off event or need a trailer to take your business on the road, to create a unique experiential event space, we can help you fulfil your goals with our exhibition trailers.




Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our specialists to find the solutions that fit your business.


Promoting your service and/or products online through the likes of social media and on your website is a good way to market in today’s times but there is no method more effective than physical advertising like with exhibition trailers. They can transform your conversion rates and push your event to the next level. 

There is no comparison to face-to-face interaction with your potential customers and giving them a personal and memorable experience that will stick in their minds and make them want to come back to you with their business. 

Speaking directly to your prospective customers in person means you can answer their questions about your business or products and get a true understanding of what they are looking for and reassure them that you are the best business to provide it. This can be much more powerful than relying on website data to tell you what your target audience wants. 

A customer who believes in your brand and has had good interactions with you is more likely to be loyal to you in the long term and offer repeat business.

Your exhibition trailer should be large enough that it can efficiently convey your brand ideas and messages to your prospective customers and accommodate your employees and any sample products you have for your visitors to see. This will vary depending on the nature of your business and the type of identity and vibe you want to portray. 

If you are not sure what size trailer you are looking for don’t worry our expert team is on hand to help. Simply tell us your ideas and plan for your exhibition and we will take care of the rest.

Enhance your trailer with our many additions, such as our display wing panels and pedestrian door.

1) Trailers grab attention

One of the most obvious benefits of having an exhibition trailer is they aren’t a typical standard form of marketing so will create a talking point for people. The arrival of a trailer to an event is bound to create a strong impression with an audience or potential clients.

Novelty can be important and powerful in winning over undecided customers. If you want to grab your customer’s attention, few other ways will do so as effectively as a well-designed and well-placed exhibition or promotional trailer from Showplace.

2) You can reach a specific audience

The mobility of an exhibition trailer is one of its major strengths as it allows you to go to the customers you are targeting instead of waiting for them to come to you. Trying to reach a specific customer base can be difficult if you are located in one place that has little foot traffic or passing trade. Bringing your business to the customer’s doorsteps will help them get to know you and want to engage with you more frequently.

3) Create a unique brand identity

Traditional marketing and advertising methods don’t quite have the same impact because people are almost immune to them these days, and the competition is often so overcrowded and fierce. An exhibition trailer will create a fresh and exciting way for customers to remember your brand.

The more you can help your audience to remember your company and its offer, the more they will come back to your business. All of our trailers can be fully branded and designed to suit your business with our tension graphic system. Our team will be on hand throughout the process to help bring your ideas to life with an eye-catching and memorable promotional trailer.

4) Build personal connections

Most onlookers don’t like feeling like they are just another face in the crowd. By having an exhibition trailer you can engage with them on a more personal, intimate level and give them the reassurance that they are special and important to your business. 

A customer that has a positive memory of interacting with you or your employees is more likely to remember you and therefore use your business on repeat occasions.

5) Cost-effective

Our exhibition trailers and mobile retail solutions at Showplace can be completely reusable, meaning that if you have multiple events in the UK, you won’t have to spend on a new trailer each time. With your trailer delivered directly to your different exhibition sites each time, this makes them a convenient and cost-effective option whether you are looking to build awareness, offer advice or add a retail element to your exhibition trailer.

In total we offer 7 trailers which vary in size from 4m to 13m.
There are a wide range of internal and external branding options available, including branded back walls, floor to ceiling graphics, backlit counters, lightboxes and light walls.
Yes, all printed, branded tension graphics can be washed and re-used multiple times for different events. Showplace will store your graphics free of charge, ready for your next show.
Yes, each graphic is compiled of polyester which can be recycled into various products. The graphics also consist of naturally degradable fibres and water-based coatings which are free of solvents and harsh chemicals.
Yes, we have a range of furniture available to hire to suit your needs, click here to see our current selection.
Yes, trailers from 4.5m come with a fitted kitchen area including a sink, fridge and storage cupboards.
Yes, there are various TV and media options available to suit your needs.
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