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 Environmental Policy

Showplace Ltd have always carried out their activities in a manner that helps to sustain the long-term future of the Business, Environment, Employees and the Community in which we operate.

As an industry that isn’t always environmentally considered, Showplace leads the way with environmental matters. Our business model ensures our products are reusable, and waste is kept to a minimum.

We’re able to commit to this due to the nature of our exhibition stands, most of the components can be reused and reconfigured. This is not only positive for the environment but is beneficial for our clients and offers a considerable cost saving for multi event use.

Additionally, our Management Team are fully committed to the principles of sustainability for the company, community and the environment and work towards our core values.

Environmental Core Values

  • Exercise due care in waste disposal as a result of company activities
  • In customer/client relationships, take practical steps to prevent pollution, reduce energy consumption and waste
  • Encourage re-use of material where feasible. When it does not compromise our product/service
  • Implement environmentally responsible policies/products throughout our operations
  • Reducing the impacts of business travel: always consider car sharing and teleconferences systems as an option
  • Integrating environmental considerations when choosing supplies
  • Ensure redundant electrical and electronic equipment is properly disposed of
  • As a Senior Management Team understand the importance of integrating good environmental practices into strategic planning

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