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ACCESSORISE YOUR STAND, STRUCTURE OR TRAILER – Enhance your exhibition stand, structure or trailer with our range of premium furniture, flooring, audio visual equipment and graphics to really make an impact.

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We have a large range of furniture to meet your exhibition objectives.

The range includes but is not limited to:

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We have a large range of flooring to meet your exhibition objectives.

Options include:

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Digital visuals can be more engaging than other forms of branding. Perhaps you have some promotional material that you would like to use? This can be displayed directly onto TV screens or through DVD players or projection.

Enhancing the atmosphere of a space can also be achieved using sound, background music for example. Whatever the feel and ambience that you are looking to create, we can ensure that you give your clients the full company branded experience.

We offer: Flat Screen TVs, TV Brackets, TV Stands, Sound Systems, DVD players.

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We specialise in exhibition event graphics, specifically seamless tension fabric graphic systems. The fabrics can be as minimalistic as desired or can become a flood of colour and brand.

The fabric is fully reusable so provides a cost effective and environmentally considered option. Additionally, Showplace store your graphics free of charge to use again at future exhibitions.

The system is flexible and the perfect choice for branding any exhibition stand, trailer or structure.

We offer: Backlit Graphics, Backlit Counters, Lightboxes and Light Walls.

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