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As people and businesses continue to adapt in line with Covid-19 regulations, the Showplace team has been busy providing additional indoor space to garden centres and businesses within the hospitality sector. As we head into the colder months, our temporary structures are perfect for garden centre restaurants to increase their indoor capacity while allowing customers and staff to socially distance themselves. With the run up to Christmas being a particularly busy and profitable time for garden centres, it is imperative for such businesses to be able to accommodate their visitors and not have to turn them away or make them wait outside in the cold.

Our vast range of modular buildings can be heated and installed with an electrical supply, ensuring that customers can enjoy meeting in a warm and safe environment for a meal, or simply a chat and a coffee.

Our temporary structures are extremely flexible with numerous shape configurations possible due to their modular nature. Available in a range of sizes, and with a unique linked design, our structures can provide you with an extension to your original building from 25 sq. m up to several hundred sq. m! 


There are many benefits to our garden centre extensions.

  • The pods can be rapidly deployed on both hard ground (eg. carparks) or on grass and turfed areas
  • They usually take only one day to build 
  • Extra space resource is achievable quickly and efficiently, reducing disruption for both staff and customers
  • They can be installed with heating and electricity, perfect for the autumn and winter months
  • All materials within our structures comply with strict fire retardancy requirements
  • Our pods provide a safe, hygienic, enclosed facility
  • They are easy to sanitise
  • Their temporary nature means you only hire for a duration to suit your garden centre's needs
  • No lengthy contracts
  • No planning permission required
  • They facilitate meaningful and much needed face to face social interaction between friends

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CASE STUDY: STratford Garden Centre

Showplace installed six of its temporary modular structures to provide the independently owned Stratford Garden Centre with an additional 216 sq m of indoor space, fitted with laminate flooring and lighting. Specialist ramps and an insulated archway were also implemented to ensure that customers could move from the original restaurant into the extended area without the need to venture outside. To find out more, please visit our news page.


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