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Why not transform your event with our roadshow trucks!

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A roadshow truck is an important element of your roadshow marketing and exhibition strategy. They can take your brand, products and services from A to B, with a high degree of functionality that will enable you to set up your event quickly and generate a buzz around you and your business. 

Roadshows are proven to: 

  • Fire up demand and drive sales
  • Embolden your brand
  • Put the word out


A range of bespoke roadshow solutions, from short term promotional work to ongoing fully managed campaigns across multiple locations within the UK and Europe. The beauty of our roadshow services is that you can take your brand to your customers rather than wait for them to find you!
cl Milwaukee Ev Euro Road Show Eq Purpose built Truck Trailer


Tailored roadshow solutions to enable our clients to directly reach their customers in both B2C and B2B arenas.


A comprehensive suite of services from dedicated project management to logistical support and staff provision.
TriEngland Liverpool


Expertly sourced trucks and vehicles to meet the specific requirements of every client’s roadshow programme.
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Are you ready to take your brand to new horizons? With Showplace, you’ll enjoy over 35 years of expertise in providing exceptional event roadshow trailers and comprehensive exhibition solutions. We partner with you to craft a tailor-made, unforgettable roadshow backed by a fully managed programme. Whether it’s a single-day hire or an extended roadshow, we specialise in delivering an unforgettable brand experience for your audiences.



Our meticulously managed suite of services includes the following:

  1. Bespoke Roadshow Trucks: Chosen or built to match your exact needs, our trailers come fully furnished with branding elements, furniture, lighting, and audio-visual capabilities.
  2. Comprehensive Logistical Support: Our extensive fleet of roadshow trucks and our bases in the UK and the Netherlands ensure seamless logistical operations.
  3. VOSA Traffic Regulations Compliance: We guarantee total adherence to all VOSA traffic regulations for your peace of mind.
  4. Health and Safety and Risk Assessments: Our team is here to guide you through all aspects of health and safety requirements and risk assessments.
  5. Dedicated Project Management: We provide a dedicated project management team to ensure the smooth execution of your roadshow.
  6. Full Booking Management: We handle all aspects of the booking process, from coordinating on-site facilities and liaising with event organisers to arranging catering and hospitality, and providing venue consultancy.
  7. Promotional Staff Provision: We can also arrange for promotional staff to elevate your roadshow experience and ensure you’re being talked about in every corner of the event.
Supertrailer Liverpool Triathlon
With Showplace, you get more than just a roadshow trailer – you get a fully immersive, expertly managed brand experience designed to leave a lasting impression.
cl Tele Atlas ev European Road show eq



Investing in Showplace roadshow trucks offers numerous advantages. Their novelty and standout presence command attention, creating a memorable impression on potential customers who won’t forget you or your business in a hurry. These roadshow trucks offer a unique way to establish your brand identity, departing from traditional advertising methods and setting your business apart from the crowd. With full custom branding an option with all our roadshow trucks, our team can assist in transforming your vision into an impactful mobile advertisement that will capture the attention of all who pass it at your next event.


The mobility of the roadshow trucks allows you to specifically target your customer base. Instead of waiting for customers to come to you, you bring your business directly to them, fostering stronger engagement. This proximity enables you to build personal connections with customers, who appreciate feeling valued and important, enhancing customer loyalty and repeat business.


Showplace exhibition roadshow trucks are not just attention-grabbing, but also cost-effective. They are fully reusable and perfect for businesses attending multiple locations or events. With the convenience of delivery directly to each destination, these roadshow trucks provide an economical solution for increasing brand awareness, offering information, or adding a retail component to your campaign.



Albatross (Large, 12m) Hire Trailer:

Enhance your brand presence at events with this spacious trailer. Features include an open plan area for exhibition displays, customisable branding options, accessible entrance and lift, quick one-person setup, self-contained generator and HVAC, choice of furniture, ample storage, and a dedicated driver/manager as part of Showplace’s comprehensive service.

Owl (Extra Large, 13.5m) Hire Trailer:

A premium choice for large-scale hospitality, this glass-fronted trailer features a roof terrace viewing platform, separate staff and kitchen areas, and a built-in diesel power generator.

Special Options

For clients that have needs other than our default, high-functioning options, we offer specialised vehicles. 

Talk to us today to make your brand or business stand out from the crowd with our roadshow trucks. We can take care of all your exhibition display equipment needs and exhibition graphics.




  1. Pinpoint Your Requirements: Start by pinpointing the goals of your roadshow. Who are you hoping to engage? What kind of activities will be taking place? These specifics will guide your choice of truck and any custom features you might need.
  2. Give us a call: Check out our track record, including previous events we’ve served, and seek out reviews or case studies to gauge our credibility. 
  3. Initial Discussion: Touch base with us for an initial chat. Discuss your requirements, goals, and enquire about their truck options, customisation offerings, pricing, and any additional services like on-board staff or equipment.
  4. Obtain a Quote: Based on your discussion, we will organise a comprehensive quote. This should cover everything from the truck rental to customisdation and branding, plus additional services, if any.
  5. Seal the Deal: If the quote aligns with your budget and needs, you’ll proceed to the contract stage. The contract will outline payment terms, project timeline, services to be provided, and other relevant details.
  6. Design Phase: With the contract signed, the fun begins: the design and customisation phase. Collaborate closely with us to create a truck setup that effectively showcases your brand and supports your event activities.
  7. Pre-event Verification: Prior to the event, you’ll verify everything on the truck, from functioning equipment to correctly placed branding and the interior setup.
  8. Event Day: On the day of the event, the truck will arrive at your location, ready for action. 
  9. Wrap-up and Feedback: Once your event concludes, the truck goes back to the provider. This is also a good time to reflect on the event’s outcomes and share your experiences and feedback with the provider.


Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our specialists to find the solutions that fit your business.
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