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With our fully equipped workshop and experienced team of tension fabric stand designers and builders, we can offer a range of custom solutions to offer a truly bespoke tension fabric system.


Tension fabric is a method of displaying graphics within a structure framework. It is made from a printed graphic and a silicon edge sewn onto the outside of the print. It is then inserted into a channel with a tension fabric system that will stretch the fabric across the size of the display. These systems create branded, reconfigurable displays that can adapt to any environment, making them perfect for any exhibition event. The system can be tailored to meet your requirements, and they can even be used to create ceiling hung displays, which would work really well for retail displays and pop-up shops and to attract visitors in exhibition halls.


If you are looking for a display that will stand out from the crowd and impress your guests whilst promoting your brand, a tension fabric system could be right for you. Below are just a few reasons why tension fabric displays are useful and should be part of your event.

1) It’s versatile, clean and re-usable

Once the framework configuration has been decided, the tensioned fabric is designed and printed to size. A team of installers arrive on site to install the framework and fit the graphics. One of the biggest benefits of a tension fabric system is the graphics are easy to use, and they can be installed and removed without any specialist knowledge. It works by welt-edge graphics simply being pressed into the slot on the modular frame, which causes the fabric to tense when all four edges are inside. This creates a smooth finish that is perfectly flat with no creases. The graphics are then removed by peeling the fabric from the frame using the exposed tab on the edge of the graphic, ensuring the graphic is ready to be used again. This means the graphics are also easily interchangeable, allowing you to change your messaging as required, with a new graphic. To store the graphics, you just need to fold them and put them away, which also reduces the stress of transportation as there is little risk of damage. You can even put them into the washing machine if they do get soiled.

2) Many applications

A tension fabric system can be used in a range of ways including:

  • Freestanding displays

  • Large format exhibition walls

  • Slimline wall-mounted frames

  • Suspended hung or ceiling hung panels

  • Counters

  • Curved hanging devices and more

There are also magnetic accessories available that work with tension fabric to create product or retail presentations. It has everything you would need to design the best display for your product and brand. The magnets have different weight capabilities so there are few limits; you can bring all your ideas to life and show off your business and products. 

3) Crease-free, seamless graphics

Nothing draws the eye of a guest at your display more than a fault; something that doesn’t look right and detracts from the clean, professional look you are providing. You won’t have that worry with a tension fabric system as it has the ability to achieve large impact graphic displays that are completely seamless. When the fabric graphics are installed onto the modular frame, the tension removes any creases from the graphic, leaving you with an outstanding visual display.

For more information about tension fabric systems and how they can suit your display, get in touch with our team at Showplace today. Our project managers are on hand to meet your objectives and together we can create a stunning, memorable display that speaks your brand message loud and clear.


Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our specialists to find the solutions that fit your business.
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