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What Makes a Good Exhibition Stand?

You might already have a firm idea what works for you, and what doesn’t, when it comes to an exhibition stand, however there is always room for further improvement. So, on that note, here are a few pointers that might help you during the next exhibition you attend.

Don’t Have Too Much on Display: Although it might be tempting to show off your entire product range, doing so is far more likely to distract your viewers from what you are trying to highlight. So, keep things simple and ensure that you don’t have too many things on display.

Don’t Have Too Little on Display: On the other side of the coin, it is also vital that you don’t have too little on display as this can appear that you have nothing to offer the potential customers who are viewing your exhibition stand.

Ultimately, if it looks like there’s too much on display, or too little, then you need to address the problem or else you won’t achieve what you are hoping for.

Lights, Light, Lights: Poor lighting produces poor results. Make sure that your exhibition stand is well-lit and highlights your company, your products and, of course, your stand in the best way possible. It’s amazing what a well-lit stand can achieve, especially when it comes to tempting viewers to head in your direction.

Look Interested: There is nothing worse than attending an exhibition and seeing support-staff standing around looking fed up, so make sure that you retain a strong interest in your visitors and the products/services that you are promoting.

How about giving out leaflets to visitors who pass by your stand to make them aware of what you have to offer, or even have a walk around the exhibition yourself to help start a conversation with potential visitors.

Another good tip is to make sure that you don’t spend too much time chatting to the rest of your team. This leads to missed opportunities due to you appearing too busy to help potential customers.

Keep Your Stand Clutter Free: Feeling peckish over lunchtime? If so, make sure that you eat/drink away from your stand because your visitors don’t want to see your half–eaten sandwich and can of Coke sitting next to the products that you are trying to promote.

Make Sure That Visitors Remember You: Free gifts, free samples, leaflets and brochures are just a number of ways to ensure that visitors will remember you once they have moved away from your stand, so don’t make the mistake of letting potential customers forget about your existence the second the leave your stand.

Hire Showplace to Design Your Stand: Our experience within the industry will highlight your company in a highly professional and attractive manner which will result in your stand catching the eye of every potential customer in the room.

Please contact us for all enquiries, including outdoor structures and exhibition trailers.

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