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Unique Exhibition Stands

5 top tips for making your stand the one visitors will remember, for the right reasons.

Get Creative – Why have a stand that looks like every other when you could have one that makes people stop in their tracks? Agribank turned their stand into a barn at LAMMA , Mailwaukee use an exhibition trailer called ‘Big Red’ that now has its own following on Twitter!

Interaction – Why not set up a game or competition for visitors? A very successful example would be when Bentley set the challenge of rolling 6’s on seven dice to win a car. This is also a great opportunity to collect contact information – just ask visitors to leave their business card in a bowl as an entry to the competition.

Make Use of Graphics – there are so many things you can do with graphics these days that you would be daft not to take full advantage – is there any doubting who’s stand this is??

Lighting, Video and Music– Shops do this all the time, if you chose music appropriate to your brand you are enhancing a visitors experience by connecting with another of their senses.

If you’ve got a great video on your website, make the most of it! Why not project it onto one side of the stand? You could film your best customers being interviewed for a testimonial, much more interesting than being expected to read yet another flyer.

The people make the party – make sure you and your team are on top form, full of positivity and smiles.

We can all remember a time when we’ve been onto a stand or into a shop where no one has even acknowledged us, we probably walked away with nothing more than a feeling of being ignored.

Now think of the time when you were greeted with a friendly smile by someone interested in what you had to say, that’s the feeling you want your visitors to have!

Showplace have over 25 years experience creating award winning stands for clients such as CAT and Mazda. If you’d like some help giving your exhibition stand, structure or trailer the X Factor just call 01789 331073 to speak to one of our knowledgeable, friendly team.

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