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Temporary Event Structures – The Inside Story

Despite popular belief, there is a lot of room for creativity within a temporary event structure. The walls alone offer great scope for branding and display screens, there’s furniture, lighting and layout to consider as well – not to mention catering!

The number of people you are expecting has a significant influence on the layout of the structure. Are you going to treat your guests to full hospitality, lunch and chilled champagne? Food will need cooking and bottles will need to be kept cold, this all takes up room!

Are you selling from your structure? If so you will need space to store stock, maybe an area suitable for demonstrating your products too.

Weather. The Great British Weather. If you are planning to exhibit or host an event in the winter, it might be worth making sure there’s space for wet umbrellas, heating to keep guests warm, maybe a coffee machine?

Does this sound like a headache?

You’ve probably got enough on your to do list already without having to worry about which table goes where, but you know it matters because you want your visitors to feel welcome.

This is where Showplace can help…

We have 25 years of experience providing hospitality structures for motorsports events, numerous high profile clients and hundreds of small and medium sized businesses. This puts Showplace in the best position to provide you with the perfect structure to help you showcase your business, it’s achievements and celebrate it’s success. 

What could be easier than turning up to your event structure on the big with EVERYTHING ready to go? It’s all part of the Showplace turn-key service.

Would you like a sneaky peak inside one of our structures?

Go on then…

Our team helped the client create the image they wanted by getting creative.


Comfortable seating and high quality screens.


Great use of the structure wall in the Juddmonte structure.

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