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Showplace’s new recycling initiative

Showplace are pleased to announce our new recycling initiative which concentrates on creating a circular economy through recycling flooring after an event.

All single-use flooring provided by Showplace will be passed onto our partners, Tarkett and Sommer Event Flooring, and will be recycled at their specialist centres.


Tarkett, founded in 1880, is a market leader within the flooring industry. The company possesses an extensive product portfolio, ranging from carpet and vinyl to laminate and rubber. Their esteemed 140-year history has allowed them to expand on a global scale with 9 recycling centres and 23 research and development laboratories across the world. One of their most recent milestones is pioneering their ReStart programme which allows companies to recycle flooring using their patented environmental technology.


Sommer Event Flooring:

Sommer Event Flooring is Europe’s leading manufacturer of textile floor coverings for events. Based in the north of France, the company ensures that all of their products are designed and manufactured using eco-friendly practices through limiting the use of virgin raw materials. After use, Sommer Event Flooring transport the carpet to their facilities where it goes through a grinding process to form granules. These are then passed onto plastic industries to create new products, creating a sustainable supply chain.


These recycling programmes are already having a huge positive impact on the planet:

  • Over 109,000 tonnes of flooring have been collected and recycled through the programme, spanning Europe, Brazil and North America.
  • 9.8kg of CO₂ is saved for each m² of flooring that is recycled.


For an in-depth look at our recycling initiative, take a look at the video below.



Showplace has been creating and building stunning designs for events and conference for over 35 years. We work with an array of clients across the UK and Europe, using our expertise to ensure that clients can effectively communicate their brands, products and services to stand out from the crowd.

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