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Roadshow FAQ with Showplace




Deciding to embark on a company roadshow may leave you with many unanswered questions, such as how to determine the final destinations or what type of vehicle is best suited to your project. 

Here at Showplace, we have been delivering short and long term roadshow programmes for major brands for over 35 years. No project is too big or too small and we take pride in bringing our clients’ roadshow visions to life.

In order to assist in your decision making process, we have put together a selection of frequently asked questions and answers to guide you through the technicalities surrounding roadshows to help you decide whether it is the right solution for your brand.


1. How long does it take to customise the vehicle to your specifications?

This time period depends on whether an existing vehicle suits your needs or if a brand-new vehicle is required.

The preparation of a roadshow programme includes two main phases:

– The build stage
In this stage, either a new vehicle is commissioned for the project, or an existing vehicle undergoes major structural adaptations which will be carried out by specialist vehicle coach builders. A completely new build will take between six to nine months and a refit of an existing vehicle will take up to three months.

– The fit-out stage
This stage concerns work that needs to be carried out inside the display area as well as installing external graphics. The time estimation for this phase is dependent on the extent of the installations, such as internal display requirements or whether the truck needs to be fully resprayed/vinyl wrapped, and can range from two weeks to three months.



Interior of immersive educational roadshow truck for RS


2. What types of vehicles are available?
We have a variety of vehicles available to hire which are designed to suit a wide range of roadshow campaigns. Whether you’re looking to create an immersive mobile experience for attendees, or a portable pop-up shop, we will provide a vehicle that will allow you to achieve your brand goals. You can take a look at our roadshow fleet here.


3. What types of contracts are available?
The length of the contract is determined by the number of destinations you will be covering throughout the duration of your campaign. For example, if you were visiting 50 locations in total this could be divided into two locations per week, resulting in a contract length of approximately six months.
The hire period begins as soon as the truck undergoes any structural adaptations, therefore the longer the duration of the roadshow campaign, the more cost-effective the investment becomes.


4. What charges will be incurred?
For a long-term hire arrangement (3-12 months), the charges will be divided into fixed monthly amounts and variable operational costs.


5. What kind of technical support will be available?
All hardware and software will be specified and purchased in advance and will be installed by specialist vehicle coach builders during the fit-out stage. Ongoing technical support will be available throughout the duration of the roadshow, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.


6. What does the creative process behind a roadshow look like?
Each roadshow is different and will require a unique, creative approach to design/adapt the vehicle and its interiors to your brand specifications. Showplace will work closely with all stakeholders involved in the project to ensure we deliver a campaign that aligns with your expectations.


To find out more about our roadshow solutions, please call 01789 262701 or email to get your brand on the road today!




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