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Pop-up With Showplace

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One of the latest trends in retail is the rise of pop-up shops. These are temporary stores dedicated to a particular brand and are often only open for a limited period of time. Recently described as ‘the Instagram stories of brick-and-mortar retail’*, pop-up shops allow consumers to be immersed in a curated environment that is carefully crafted to attract a brand’s target audience.

Making the decision to venture into the world of pop-up shops can be daunting, yet they can have many benefits to your business:

Limited edition appeal:

The exclusivity that surrounds pop-up shops can spark an element of urgency in consumers, in fear of missing out on a unique experience. This can lead to greater B2C interaction, positively impacting levels of engagement. For instance, it has been found that the addition of a pop-up shop to a brand portfolio has the potential to increase website traffic by up to 27%**.


The temporary nature of pop-up shops opens up the opportunity for businesses that operate solely online to experiment with a physical space without incurring a long term commitment.

Opportunities for creativity:

Each company will have a different approach to their pop-up shop concept, inspired by their brand values and priorities. The flexibility surrounding this retail trend allows for brands to use their creativity to the fullest and create something that truly represents their vision.

Creates a buzz:

The name of this retail method means that the shop can literally ‘pop up’ anywhere. The unexpected element that surrounds this strategy can create excitement around a brand as consumers never know when they will next see it and what form it will take.

Promotional opportunities:

Pop-up shops can offer various promotional opportunities such as creating conversation around a new product launch which will excite and entice consumers.

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Showplace has supplied various clients with pop-up shops, including Speedo, Dare2b, Alan Paine, Hurlingham Polo and Asics. Our range of transportable trailers and moda structures provide the perfect temporary space for brands to set up shop, as well as offering an array of branding opportunities utilising our branded tension fabric graphics.

Our exhibition trailers provide clients with a flexible and cost-effective way to promote their brand and sizes range from 4m to 13m. Each trailer is equipped with a fitted kitchen area and can be customised to suit your brand specifications.

Similarly, our moda structures are customisable and uniquely designed to link together to provide an endless array of shapes. There are a range of flooring, shelving, electrical and refrigeration services available so you can ensure you have everything you need when your shop is open to the public.

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Showplace has been creating and building stunning designs for events and conferences for over 30 years. We work with an array of clients across the UK and Europe, using our expertise to ensure that clients can effectively communicate their brands, products and services in order to stand out from the crowd.

For more information about Showplace, please call 01789 333950 or email


*Pop-up shops are more than a trend, but success takes strategy – Forbes 2019

**The benefits and pitfalls of contemporary pop-up shops – Rosenbaum et al 2021

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