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Pop-up shops – providing the essentials for rural communities

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Pop-up shops are temporary stores that literally pop up within a very short space of time and operate for a matter of weeks or months. This is the perfect solution for those residing in rural areas to purchase the essentials while maintaining social distancing.

Showplace Ltd’s range of transportable trailers and modular combination structures are perfect for urgent retail and consumer requirements. We appreciate that demand for essential food, medical, and household provisions is at an all time high as the UK remains in Covid-19 lockdown for the foreseeable future. We also acknowledge that it’s not easy for everybody to access these essentials, particularly those in vulnerable groups and those who live in rural communities without any local shops or supermarkets nearby.

For many years, our structures and trailers have been used by retail companies to showcase their products in town centres and at events and festivals.

retail pop up shop

Our structures are uniquely designed to link together to provide a huge combination of shapes and sizes for any company’s or community’s needs. Quick and easy to erect, and with a range of shelving, flooring, refrigeration and electrical services available, they are extremely flexible to meet changing demands during the uncertainty and ever changing circumstances in the weeks ahead.

Our structures also provide excellent protection from the British weather as you queue outside to adhere to social distancing rules. Nobody wants to queue in the rain! On the off chance that we have a heat wave, our structures also provide shelter from the sun!

If you work in the food and medical retail sector, please contact the Showplace team on 01789 262701 or email to find out more and to discuss your ideas and requirements.

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