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Outdoor consultation space for GP surgeries


With social distancing of paramount importance for both medical staff and the general public, many GP surgeries across the UK are having to think creatively about how they can best serve their patients while maintaining necessary safety measures.

Some practices are looking to increase their consultation space away from the surgery itself. At Showplace, our bespoke structures are perfect for providing covered, spacious areas for medical professionals to undertake patient consultations as well as testing procedures for Covid-19.

Showplace’s temporary structures can be rapidly deployed, taking only one day to build, thus providing extra space resource quickly and efficiently. To create additional, flexible space within 24 hours, reduces disruption for both staff and patients. All materials within our structures comply with strict fire retardancy requirements and can provide an enclosed facility or an open solution with just a fixed framework and a protective roof cover to give weather protection whilst maintaining an outdoor setting.

We provide a range of both 5m and 6m structures for flexible hire, which can link together to provide additional space, up to approximately 3000 sq. ft. Quick and easy to erect on both hard ground (such as carparks) or on grass and turfed areas, they are safe and secure, and suitable for patient consultations and examinations while social distancing measures are in place.

Our structures are also ideal for Covid-19 testing procedures. With a clearance of 2.7m, they accommodate all UK cars, enabling medical testing for Covid-19 to be undertaken without people leaving their vehicle. The structures can be erected as stand-alone testing centres at surgeries and pharmacies, or they can be configured to provide a larger space for hospital testing provision.

Showplace Ltd can also provide a fleet of mobile trailers, ranging from 4m to 12m in size, which are perfect for mobile medical services. Their mobility makes them particularly useful for reaching more remote areas to fulfil consultation and testing requirements.

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