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New internal visitor pods – perfect for winter!

care home internal visitor pod

As we head deeper into autumn, and with winter fast approaching, we continue to develop our range of visitor pods to provide suitable solutions for all care homes. We can install internal pods for homes where external space is limited, right up to large external Moda structure pods installed in the grounds of those with more land available to them.

With the colder weather in mind, we understand that it isn’t always possible for residents to venture to a pod outside to meet with their families and friends. This is why we have now developed a fully contained internal pod solution as an alternative to our external pods.

Our most recent installation of an internal pod took place last week at Rosewood House in Gateshead. The care home was keen to avoid the need for residents to venture outside during the colder months so this was the perfect solution for them to keep warm but also safe.

The internal pods are available in the following sizes: 2.1m x 1.5m or 2m x 2m. They enable residents to safely see their families in a face to face setting as the pod creates an air-tight environment to avoid the transmission of germs from the pod to the care home. The frame of the pod is attached to a u-channel, which is then fixed firmly to the wall, hence creating the airtight environment. Standing at 2.4m high, with its own ceiling to achieve a completely contained area for visitors, the internal pods must be installed in a room where there is access to an external door. This ensures visitors only ever enter the pod and have no need to enter the care home at all.

Showplace’s internal pods are easy to sanitise and are one of our more cost effective solutions. By the very nature of being internal, heating and flooring is not usually required. As with our external pods and partition solutions, a two-way intercom system and hearing loop are used for residents and their families to communicate and have a much needed catch up!

For more information about our range of indoor and outdoor visitor pod solutions, please email or call 01789 262701 to speak to a member of the Showplace team.


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