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London Hospital uses Showplace Structures for Space

When a large, London hospital needed some extra space, the Showplace team proved that their structures (and mobile trailers!) are not just for use in the events industry. Their versatility, being temporary and easy to transport and erect, makes them suitable for pretty much any sector, as the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital project proved some years ago!

We were approached by Chelsea and Westminster to install a facility to be used inside the hospital, situated on a large mezzanine area on the third floor. The hospital had to find a quick and robust solution to free up much needed space in other areas and so it was decided that by building a temporary, secure facility on this area for office work, as well as for physiotherapy services , it would increase the space available for other departments within the main building.

A significant advantage of using one of Showplace’s temporary structures was the rapid deployment of that structure, taking only one day to build. Building and construction work can be extremely disruptive, particularly inside a busy hospital. To create additional, flexible space within a day, reduces turmoil and disruption for both staff and patients. All of the materials within our structures complied with strict fire retardancy requirements, necessary within a hospital. Additionally, heating and electrical services were already present within the main building, which made the process even quicker.

Some time after the structure was initially installed, the Showplace team was tasked with moving the facility to another location within Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, to create space in a different area at a time when some major refurbishment was being undertaken.

So, if you need more space and you are short of time, whether it’s a heated structure for holding meetings or events, or a temporary trailer facility in a carpark, Showplace can assist with short, medium and long term solutions. Why not give us a call – 01789 262701, or drop us an email –

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