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Introducing Showplace’s new exhibition stand system



Showplace are pleased to announce our new echo exhibition stand system which is not only made from 100% recyclable aluminium frames, but also utilises unique technology that has been developed through precision engineering. This creates an abundance of options for your next exhibition stand structure, including the incorporation of curves, backlit walls and more!

Our new stand system consists of a special configuration of CNC-machined holes which allows posts, frames, brackets, doors and accessories to be connected together. The holes are arranged horizontally and vertically to form a matrix of endless designs and possibilities.

Despite its advanced capabilities, the new echo system requires only an Allen key for assembly and disassembly, allowing for easy transportation by our team from one event to the next.






Confex 2024 saw the Showplace team use the new kit for the first time when providing an exhibition stand for The Delegate Wranglers and their partners. The sleek curves and striking graphics made a big impact at the event, making the first official build using the new equipment a great success.


Showplace has been creating and building stunning designs for indoor exhibitions, events and conferences for over 35 years. We work with an array of clients across the UK and Europe, using our expertise to ensure that clients can effectively communicate their brands, products and services to stand out from the crowd.

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