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Did you know that Showplace has extensive experience working with clients in the automotive industry?

In a market that is constantly evolving due to advancing technologies, it’s important to solidify your brand presence at an industry event, delivering a clear message to consumers. Our event solutions offer an array of customisation options to align with your brand specifications, steering your target audience in the right direction.


Here are just a few of the automotive brands we have previously worked with to bring their visions to life:



Showplace provided four 5m structures to create the desired layout. Two of the structures created an enclosed environment using solid walls with glass panels, and the other two structures consisted of open sides and decking to provide a space to showcase a classic Caterham car to attendees passing by.




Mazda utilised our 6m Eagle trailer to act as a backdrop when displaying their latest electric car models at Fully Charged Live. The tension fabric graphics featured high-definition images of their cars in action, and the trailer offered a compact yet impactful solution when exhibiting at the event.




To create Skoda’s spectator space, a configuration of seven 6m structures were installed alongside the racetrack. A vinyl sticker of the Skoda logo was applied above the main entrance and tension fabric graphics were fitted around the interior and exterior of the structure, reflecting Skoda’s product portfolio. Lighting was also installed internally, ensuring attendees could gather late into the night to enjoy the action of the race.



Stay on the right track

Not only do we work with automotive brands, but we also supply a range of solutions for events that are centred around the motor industry. Whether you’re exhibiting amongst the action at the side of the race track or providing a space for attendees to make a pitstop during the hustle and bustle, Showplace has a vast amount of options suitable for any occasion.


Take a look at a few of the automotive events we have had the pleasure of attending over the last few years:


Belgium Grand Prix:

Showplace provided a 12m structure that allowed enough room for Aston Martin’s cars to be displayed. One side of the structure remained open and PVC curtains were fitted to the exterior in order for the cars to take centre stage, allowing optimal viewing and access for attendees. A custom sign displaying the Aston Martin logo was also fitted, and lights were installed throughout the interior to shed a spotlight on the cars.




Liquimoly utilised our 7m Hawk trailer to promote their motor oils at Japfest, Europe’s most popular Japanese car event. Featuring bold shades of blue within their tension fabric graphics and integrated flags, these design choices allowed their trailer to be noticed for all the right reasons by visitors.



Silverstone Festival:

Bremont’s event solution featured two 5m structures, creating a seamless divide between the indoor and outdoor environment using solid walling and glass railing. To align with their brand specifications, vinyl stickers of their logo were applied above each door and flags were installed to all corners of the exterior, allowing their structure to be seen from all angles at the festival.



The Showplace team are looking forward to attending many motor shows in 2024, our upcoming events are:

Ford Fair – 11th August

British Motor Show – 15th August

Silverstone Festival – 23rd August

Trax – 1st September

German Car Festival – 5th October


If you are thinking of attending any of these events or have your own upcoming automotive project, we have over 35 years of experience in creating and building event solutions catered to your specifications. We work with an array of clients across the UK and Europe, using our expertise to ensure that clients can effectively communicate their brands, products and services to stand out from the crowd.


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