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Insights from our Project Manager for a Successful Indoor Exhibition Stand

Meet our Project Manager Rachel Carn!

Rachel is an event industry professional, and a leading Project Manager for Showplace Ltd. She has many years’ experience in managing a whole array of events in a variety of industries.

We manged to wrestle Rachel from her desk for a coffee and an insight in managing events to share her thoughts with you.

Hi Rachel, what do you think are the key elements our clients are to consider when organising an exhibition stand?‘Size, space awareness, creativity and the clients view. LAYOUTS and PLANS are really important. And many behind the scenes, specific details we have to consider and be aware of (but that’s the boring part)’.

How to ensure you are making the most of your clients budget? How to get bang for your bucks!

‘Prioritise what’s important to the client. E.g. branding or products and use these as a basis. Custom design work to promote products on or, use walls to show off large pieces of branding. Be imaginative with the design but focus your budget on what best shows off what you want to promote/sell’.

What would you recommend to make visitors feel comfortable visiting the stand?

‘Try not to over crowd your space, keep areas of space for people to walk through/around’.

Rachel, talk us through the stands you are currently working on, with an insight into the process:

‘I am currently doing a stand for a client for the event Lamma 2019, it is still in the initial stages of development, but we are using our new system to build it so we are currently having to do a lot of work to make everything fit perfectly. The stand has many different elements, and there are areas that we are designing bespoke for the stand but I think it will be a really great stand when finished. Although a challenging stand, the end product makes it all worth it’.

Any ideas on the future for indoor exhibitions?

‘We like to be creative! If clients have an idea then were all ears to see if we can make it happen. Our mission statement after all is ‘The vision to bring ideas to life’.

And last but not least Rachel, any top tips/ experiences you would like to share?

‘Give yourself time. We can always work fast at Showplace if needed but the more time a client gives us before the show the more time we have to talk over ideas of the stand and what the client wants’.

If you would like to contact Rachel to discuss your next project-Email or call 01789 331073

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