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How Event Structures Can Be Repurposed To Solve Covid-19 Challenges


With fewer events happening during the current climate, we have been able to diversify our structures to help a range of sectors during this difficult time. One way we have done this is through creating visiting pods for care homes. The care home visiting pods have allowed families to see each other safely and stay connected, which is extremely important in this difficult time. Being able to see a loved one face to face is a lifeline for many people and we are happy to be able to turn our MODA structures and trailers into visitor pods for care homes around the country. You can read more about our stories in providing care home visiting pods to specific homes through our website.

This guide will show you how our structures can be adapted to help other sectors during the long fight against coronavirus and hopefully, through reading what we have done so far, you will be able to see how you could use one of our structures to help your business. Getting through this pandemic won’t be quick or easy but standing together is key. At Showplace, we want to do everything we can to help you.

Flu and Covid vaccination trailers

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reducing the spread of respiratory illnesses, like flu, this autumn and winter is more important than ever. Considering the importance of maintaining social distancing measures for both medical staff and the general public, many GP surgeries across the UK may struggle for consultation space when administering flu vaccines this year. This is where Showplace can assist surgeries so that they can best serve their patients while maintaining necessary safety measures. We can also assist with space provision for administering the impending Covid-19 vaccines. 

Showplace Ltd offers a fleet of mobile trailers, ranging from 4m to 12m in size, which are perfect for mobile medical services such as flu and Covid vaccination booths. There are many benefits to using a trailer for this purpose:

  • They provide additional consultation space with enough room for adherence to social distancing regulations
  • They minimise the risk to healthy visitors by removing the necessity for them to enter the surgery
  • They provide a separate enclosed area (ensuring weather protection) for specific vaccination clinics
  • Their mobility makes them particularly useful for reaching more remote geographical areas
  • They can serve multiple sites
  • There is no requirement for planning permission for long term installations
  • They are economical with space, with some as small as a car park bay.

For many years, our trailers have been used by the NHS to assist with mobile public awareness and health screening campaigns.

Garden centres

The weather was enviable during the summer months with the warm, sunny climate encouraging many customers to sit outside and enjoy refreshments at their local garden centre. However, as Autumn brings cooler temperatures, many garden centres and restaurants have realised the need to increase their indoor dining space in order to welcome their usual number of customers through the winter months, particularly in the busy run up to Christmas.

For one of our recent projects, Showplace installed six of its 6m x 6m temporary modular structures to provide a Warwickshire-based garden centre with an additional 216 sq.m of indoor space, fitted with laminate flooring and lighting. Specialist ramps and an insulated archway have been implemented to ensure that customers can move from the original restaurant into the extended area without the need to venture outside. Additionally, furniture and decorative touches can be provided to ensure an excellent and safe, socially distanced customer experience for all visitors.

Social distancing at schools – space solution

Now that schools in the UK are open again, it is important to look at their requirements for keeping staff and students safe and adapt accordingly. Schools can’t operate as they did prior to lockdown for the foreseeable future. Social distancing is extremely important, which for most schools will mean a need for more space. This is where Showplace can help.

From temporary, portable classrooms, covered break areas and dining rooms, to additional space for staff and administrative purposes; our secure, strong temporary structures are perfect for providing the extra space you need to adhere to social distancing regulations and to keep your students and staff safe.

Showplace can provide a large range of temporary structures, which can be rapidly deployed. With an integrated floor, solid and glazed wall options and lockable double doors, the structures provide extra space resource quickly and efficiently. To create additional, flexible space within 24 hours, reduces disruption for both staff and students. All materials within our structures comply with strict fire retardancy requirements and offer an enclosed facility (with heating and electrical provision if required) or an open solution with just a fixed framework and a protective roof cover to give weather protection whilst maintaining an outdoor setting (perfect for covered outdoor break areas).

Our range of 5m, 6m and 12m structures can link together to provide additional, flexible space up to approximately 3000 sq. ft. We can increase your space provision by one classroom up to several classrooms, dining areas and a large school hall! The unique design of our MODA structures enables them to link together to provide an almost unlimited range of layouts and sizes for a wide range of uses. Quick and easy to erect on hard ground, such as carparks and playgrounds, or on grass and turfed areas such as school playing fields, they are safe, secure and suitable for providing the personal space required for every student and staff member while social distancing measures are necessary.

Getting on the road

If the current pandemic crisis has taught us anything, it’s that change is inevitable and to react positively and smartly to that change is critical to continued success. To react smartly is to think creatively and to be adaptable and open to new ways of conducting your business.

As the UK tentatively steps out of lockdown again, and organisations re-open for business, there will be a greater need than ever before to reach your customers. With many corporate events and festivals either postponed or cancelled for 2020, now is the time to think and act creatively. If your customers can’t come to you, you need to go to them. Our trailers are perfect for product roadshows, with new and returning customers already enquiring about using our trailers as mobile showrooms, for both new and long running products and services, in anticipation of lockdown ending. They are seizing the opportunity to get back in front of their audience as quickly and as effectively as possible. Flexible, mobile rental units, Showplace’s trailers will transport your products and services to customers when they find it difficult or impossible to come to you. It’s not just those working in the events industry who have to diversify and think creatively and smartly, our clients are having to think differently about how they promote themselves once we emerge from this crisis.

Showplace provides a total trailer roadshow solution for our clients. We commence with the design/conceptualisation of the trailer, and we work extremely closely with both our designers and our clients to ensure that a striking, accurately designed and functional solution is created. This is then followed by the trailer build. Once the build stage is completed, we implement a bespoke, comprehensive operational programme, which caters for all logistical requirements. We also take care of all vehicle checks, adherence to regulations and trailer storage so you can concentrate on selling your products without being distracted by technicalities, paperwork and logistics.

At Showplace, we don’t just sell you a trailer. We offer far more than that; a comprehensive, expertly project managed, mobile sales and marketing solution. With the uncertain future we all face, the concept of company roadshows is one to take extremely seriously, whether they are for product and service launches, product awareness and momentum building, or pure product sales.

GP consultation space

With social distancing of paramount importance for both medical staff and the general public, many GP surgeries across the UK are having to think creatively about how they can best serve their patients while maintaining necessary safety measures. Some practices are looking to increase their consultation space away from the surgery itself. At Showplace, our bespoke structures are perfect for providing covered, spacious areas for medical professionals to undertake patient consultations as well as testing procedures for Covid-19.

Our structures are also ideal for Covid-19 testing procedures. With a clearance of 2.7m, they accommodate all UK cars, enabling medical testing for Covid-19 to be undertaken without people leaving their vehicle. The structures can be erected as stand-alone testing centres at surgeries and pharmacies, or they can be configured to provide a larger space for hospital testing provision.

Showplace Ltd can also provide a fleet of mobile trailers, ranging from 4m to 12m in size, which are perfect for mobile medical services. Their mobility makes them particularly useful for reaching more remote areas to fulfil consultation and testing requirements.

Care homes

Since March, communication between care home residents and their families and loved ones has been extremely limited. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, homes across the UK had to close their doors to visitors to protect the physical health of residents. Where possible, contact with families has been encouraged by telephone or video calls but nothing beats the joy of seeing your loved ones in person.

More than eight months since lockdown commenced, and care homes closed to the outside world, residents are finally able to meet with their family members, thanks to a range of safe, secure, compartmentalised care home visiting pods provided by Showplace Ltd.

Usually, Showplace would be providing premium quality event buildings, stands and exhibition trailers to household brands at some of the most prestigious events across the UK and Europe. However, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, they have put their MODA structures to excellent use, providing quality external visiting rooms at care homes across the UK and offering a lifeline to many families who have been separated from their loved ones.

These are just a few examples of how we have re-purposed our structures to help those who need it. There are many more uses, and we could certainly adapt our structures to help you and your business. If you would like to find out more about how you can use our structures, please call our team on 01789 262701 or email and we would be delighted to discuss your requirements in greater detail.

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