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Best Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Traditional methods of marketing, like attending exhibitions and other events, are still one of the best ways to reach your audience and make connections to generate loyal customers. Exhibitions and trade shows give businesses a great opportunity to show off their brand and products or services to attract potential customers if they do it right.

Pop up exhibition stands and display stands are a great way to make an impression at any event. Your exhibition stand and its visual appearance is a powerful tool that can be used to market your business, products, and services in a way that customers actually want to engage with.

However, with so many businesses and sectors going all out to maximise their event experience, how can you stand out from the competition and encourage visitors to choose you over a similar company? We will be looking at the best stand design ideas and top tips we have found to be the most successful in our years in the industry to give you and your stand the best chance to shine (and your sales team a boost in calls in the days following your event).

5 Top Tips For Creating A Memorable Stand Design

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Be Creative

If you have an idea that is unique and completely outside of the box, why not include it in your stand design? The design process is supposed to be freeing, you’re supposed to think of ideas for your display stand that might seem a little whacky at first, but it’s often these bold designs that make the biggest impressions.

Giving people something they haven’t seen before or telling them about it in a different way is one of the best ways to make yourself memorable to the crowd. There might be other businesses at the event that are promoting similar products or services to you, but no two companies are the same and you should capitalise on what makes you original and how you can meet your audience’s needs better than anyone else.

Of course, this point comes with a caveat. You should always check with the event organiser to make sure your booth design is something they can legitimately accommodate. You don’t want to show up with an exhibition stand that’s far too complex, large, or ‘out there’ for the event. Check with event organisers to be sure, but allow yourself to be free to create an exhibition stand you’re proud of.


  • Muller exhibited a giant back lit milk carton at indoor shows, the height of the carton making it visible across the exhibition hall.
  • Milwaukee used an exhibition trailer called ‘Big Red’ which developed a following on Twitter.

2. Find Exciting Ways To Interact With Visitors

Trying to make eye contact to strike up a conversation with visitors is not always the best or most natural approach to interacting with them. Why not try setting up a game or competition that they can take part in? Not only does this help you break that initial barrier of communication, but also it can help you collect their contact information, you can simply ask them to leave their business card in a bowl as an entry fee to the competition or game.

The point here is that you don’t want the same stand as your neighbour at the exhibition with just a prettier design. If you can create a stand and an experience that not only brings customers to you, but actually gets them interested in and excited about the products and/or services you offer as a business, then you can also keep them around long enough to showcase the very best of your business and create a lasting impression for them.

You want to be the stand everybody remembers when they leave.


  •  Bentley set a challenge during an event they attended to roll sixes on seven dice to win a car.

3. Make The Most Of Your Graphics

Graphics are extremely versatile and can be used in so many different ways that you would be putting yourself at a severe disadvantage to not make the most of them. The last thing you want is for people to be unsure, when they are walking by your stand, of who you are, what your message is, and what products or services you are promoting. Using backlit graphics is particularly striking and effective at ensuring your brand stands out among other exhibitors.

Remember, graphics are about more than just your brand name on a colourful board. Use images to communicate your message too – there’s a reason ‘a picture paints a thousand words’ is such a popular saying.

Think carefully here about not just what you’re communicating to your customers, but how you’re communicating it. Be as effective as possible whilst still giving your customers a reason to engage with your brand at the stand – you don’t want to give them all the information upfront or they might not stop to talk to you. Entice them with your graphics, and build from there when they come to you.

4. Get Your Lighting, Music, And Video Right

By having lighting, music, and video all working in sync with each other to convey a specific type of tone, you will be enhancing the visitors’ experience by connecting with multiple senses. You need to maximise the tools that are available to you, for instance, if you have a great video you want to share with visitors you could project it onto one side of the stand.

Or maybe you could film your best customers providing an interview that you could use for a testimonial, which would be much more interesting for visitors than simply being handed a flyer that they probably already have an abundance of from other stands.

Here it’s your aim to engage customers in as many ways as possible (without overwhelming them, of course). Think about it: put yourself in the customer’s shoes. Would you want to visit exhibition stands that are just aluminium frames with a flimsy backdrop between them with their business name and products displayed? Or would you want to visit the exhibition stand that’s designed to really involve all your senses? Wouldn’t you rather get information about a business in multiple, memorable ways? Your customers probably feel the same way too.

5. Ensure You And Your Team Are At Your Best

Visitors won’t want to come to your stand and enquire if your team are looking disinterested and negative. Ensure all team members on your stand are full of smiles and positivity so anyone who is passing by will feel acknowledged whether they are interested in your products or services or not.

The key here is having the right people in the right place. Not everybody at your business will be extroverted, which means not everybody will thrive if they’re forced to greet people at your stand and try to get them interested in your business.

That’s not to say quieter members of your team don’t have a role. Your more extroverted, bubbly team members might be more comfortable greeting customers as they approach and bringing them in, but perhaps your quieter team members might be more knowledgeable on the ins and outs of a specific product or service you offer, so perhaps they can take on more specific roles where your customer can speak with the ‘experts’ about what you’re offering after being given a warm welcome from other members of your team who excel in that role. 

Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

Large Exhibition Stands

Large exhibition stands can be fully customised and bespoke in terms of design. If you have the spare budget available, tailored stands are ideal for large-scale product launches or other one-off events. Larger exhibition stands can be impressive, but the size is not the most important thing and if you don’t need a significant amount of space to reach your marketing goals you might be better off focusing your time and budget on something smaller.

Small Exhibition Stands

There are a range of reasons why a smaller exhibition stand may be a better solution for you and can make an even bigger brand impact than a larger stand would. This includes having more money to spend on marketing and giving visitors a more intimate and personal feel, but whether you feel a small or large exhibition stand is right for you, making sure it demonstrates your brand and message is a must.

Creative Ideas For Exhibition Stands

Below are some fundamental ideas that will make sure your stand is a true reflection of your business and products.

  • Planned and well-defined trade show strategy
  • Clear and consistent brand identity
  • Bold and effective layout of graphics
  • Consider including bespoke videos and possibly animation if appropriate for you
  • Integrate social media to help grow a following beyond the event

Interactive Exhibition Stand Design Ideas

We have already mentioned competitions and games you could include but here are a few more ideas you might want to think about when considering ways to encourage interactivity with your audience.

Photo Booths

Everybody loves fun, and a photo booth is definitely that. When you’re at a party, they are often the focal point of the event for a reason. So, why not use them to enhance your exhibition stand experience and offer visitors something a bit different to your competition?

You could invite people over to have their photo taken and ask them to generate a caption for the photo that relates to your brand. After the event, you can share the photos and captions online across your social media platforms, which will allow people to comment on and share them, boosting brand visibility.


A useful way to interact with your audience is by encouraging them to ask questions via social media platforms and hosting a Q&A session throughout the exhibition. This will help to widen your audience and improve communication between your customer and you as a brand, both online and in person.

Exhibition Stand Ideas Summary

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