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The Benefits of Roadshow Marketing

Roadshow marketing is a unique marketing strategy that has been around for millennia. It is a form of advertising that is highly personalised and directly engages with an audience. As you might imagine from the name, roadshow marketing is very mobile. It works by touring several locations and bringing your brand and services to areas that your prospective customers frequent.

The results of this form of marketing have been proven over and over. This is because it allows a brand to form personal relationships with people. This is further multiplied by modern society, which allows a person to showcase their experiences across a wide range of people on social media.

Sales are not necessarily made on the day – instead, they are usually made at a later date. The whole point of a roadshow is to get customers’ intent and loyalty to your brand, so that when the time comes to solve the problem you’re highlighting, they will choose you.

This blog will detail the ways in which roadshow marketing can benefit your brand. 


Targeted Exposure

Those well-versed in marketing know that every potential customer has a limited number of things they can care about at any given time. Casting a wide net over an array of random customers is therefore a gamble. But what if you could focus your attention on pockets of people who you already know are interested? That is the entire goal of roadshow marketing – to get the attention of customers who are interested in your field. 

For example – let’s pretend your brand is one that revolves around family and childcare.

  • It would be a good idea to set up in an area frequented by people who are particularly family and child focused.
  • A local park where parents take their children may present huge opportunities.
  • From there, you will develop a strategy on how to best engage those you’re trying to sell to in creative ways.
  • In this example, perhaps you’d have some sort of play activity that would attract the children and keep them occupied, whilst you simultaneously present to gathered parents. 

By splitting up locations by consumer groups, you can essentially have long campaigns that take up several days, perhaps even weeks, for you to make as many personal connections as possible and get your consumers invested in your products. 


Building Personal Connection

When you think of a business company, what do you envision? Likely, you think of suits, ties, formalities and a tonne of rules. It’s the rational, productive side of humanity that doesn’t really have a lot of room for emotional warmth. It’s due to this that a wall is often built between the company and the consumer at both ends. Roadshow marketing helps take down these walls. 

This is another reason why roadshow marketing is so effective today. In an age of impersonal and cold digital connections, real physical ones that can affect your emotions are key. By demonstrating to people how you can solve the problems they face today, you can create genuine connections with your target audience. Real-time conversations allow for immediate feedback and engagement, which allows the company to understand customer needs and develop better services. 

These experiences can leave a lasting impact on customers. It can allow them to feel as if you’ve come along and made their life easier. Bonus points if the presenter is charismatic and makes the customer feel good about themselves.

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Proof of Quality

Roadshow marketing is by far one of the best marketing strategies for companies who have a high level of confidence in their products and services. Unlike other marketing channels where the consumer can only see images or videos that claim products and services can do X, Y and Z, or reading a testimonial that could be exaggerated, roadshow marketers can provide live proof of their product’s or service’s worth. 

Not only do you get to prove your worth, but you also get to address any criticisms or questions that are levied on the spot. Such questions would normally go unasked, and may even be enough to cause the customer to lose interest despite not knowing the answer. 

Once you’ve got a customer hooked on your product, you essentially gain access to an invaluable stream of feedback. This feedback can be used not only to refine your product, but also how you approach people at future locations on the same roadshow.

Cost Effective

Roadshow marketing doesn’t make any money on the road, or on the day. They do not conduct sales, but they do cost money. The trucks, equipment, supplies, venues – a roadshow can be expensive. 

However, it’s proven that the return on investment is astronomical. Due to the highly targeted nature of a roadshow, anyone whose attention you capture will normally make a decision right then as to whether or not they’ll invest, instead of investing in advertisements that people can easily ignore. 

As such, a well-planned roadshow will almost always come back with significant results. Every roadshow, at its very inception, holds huge potential.


Roadshow marketing is a brave, upfront marketing strategy that draws in a lot of eyes. The platform enables you to present the full value of your offerings, and works to break down the barrier between companies and their consumers. 

Showplace has all your roadshow marketing needs covered. Take a look at our comprehensive roadshow services to see the full potential that your roadshow could bring.

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