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With our fully equipped workshop and experienced team of exhibition stand designers and builders, we offer a range of custom outdoor exhibition structures.


Outdoor exhibition structures offer an alternative to the traditional trade show solution, giving you added benefits you may not have had before. An outdoor event structure can give you greater creative freedom, sometimes without the same space limitation of an indoor event. Here are some other benefits that will give you an insight into how outdoor event structures can work for you.

1) Flexible design structures –

Our exhibition structures come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and configurations, which gives you the freedom and creativity to design the outdoor event structure to suit the image you are trying to convey for your business. For example, our modular outdoor exhibition structures offer limitless design possibilities to suit a welcoming hospitality area, whether it’s to cater for just a few, or to provide a large, elegant dining space.

From product launches to displays, the space we can provide, big or small, is yours to get creative with. When you tell us your brief, our project managers will ensure all your goals and requirements are met to make the most out of your outdoor exhibition.

There is also the option to combine structures to create the optimum space for your event. In terms of flexibility, you can pretty much have the structure configured to the size and shape you need.

2) Secure exhibition stands – 

Of course a key concern for anyone exhibiting at outdoor events is security. All of our outdoor display structures come with optional solid walling and/or glazed walling and can be with or without windows and lockable doors.

All staff and guests at your outdoor event should feel safe and we can help give you complete peace of mind when it comes to security matters with our outdoor exhibition structures. Whether exhibiting at trade fairs, sporting events or something else, your security concerns are our priority.

3) Comfortable outdoor events – 

Making potential customers feel comfortable at your event is extremely important, particularly if the weather has taken a turn for the worse. They might be wet or cold and not too interested in engaging with you, but your space could change that for them.

We can provide a wide variety of flooring options such as: carpets, carpet tiles, decking, vinyl, and more. Also, we can offer suitable furniture that will meet your outdoor events needs and provide your guests with a comfortable environment, as well as impressive audio visuals, that will create an inclusive and positive experience for them with you and your business.

4) Weatherproof stands and outdoor displays – 

Naturally for any outdoor event, being weather resistant is important as you can never predict what the outdoor elements will be like. Our structures are weather and wind resistant and we provide fully covered outdoor display stands.

This means no matter what the weather conditions are, everything connected with your outdoor structure, including your equipment, display product, staff and customers, will be protected, allowing you to proceed with your event display.

5) Easy accessibility outdoor exhibition stands – 

The entrance to your outdoor exhibition structure will be the first thing your guests encounter. If your display space is not easily accessible, then it could deter or even prevent some visitors from being able to interact with you.

With our structures, complete with options including wide doors, matting or fixed flooring and ramps fitted at all door entrances, this allows full access for all visitors to your exhibition stand and any outdoor display equipment that you consider essential to the success of you exhibiting outdoors.

6) Well branded outdoor displays

A key element of outdoor exhibition stands is being able to successfully promote your brand and business because that’s what the visitors are there for, to see and get to know you and your products and services. We can provide a range of outdoor physical and digital methods of promotion, and if you have any specific requests or ideas to make your branding stand out and boost your outdoor advertising, let our project managers know and we will do our best to make it happen.

With our tension fabric system, we can create large custom printed graphic walls to smaller portable displays, outdoor banners, branded counters and other outdoor display products. We can brand both the interior and exterior of your event display to give you a bespoke look that will help you stand out from the crowd and have a high impact at a range of outdoor locations. Our seamless tension fabric graphic systems are reusable and recyclable and we can even store these away for you without charge, ready for your next event .

7) Cost-effective outdoor display solution

Exhibiting at outdoor events can be expensive, yet a hired exhibition stand or structure can be a cost effective option. Not only will your exhibition display structure be multipurpose and therefore able to be used at multiple events, it is easily set up and packed away and reusable many times over.

With a range of options for short-term or long-term hire, you’ll have a choice of modular and temporary structures and event marquees that will help you meet your event and marketing goals, while staying within the restraints of your own marketing budget.


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