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extra office space for NHS hospital

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Showplace Ltd are experts in providing emergency, or planned, temporary modular structures to businesses, schools, charities, the NHS and many other organisations across a wide range of sectors. Our range of modular buildings and exhibition trailers are regularly  deployed for short term use, or as longer-term applications.

When a large, London hospital needed some extra space, the Showplace team proved that their structures were the perfect solution. Their versatility, being temporary and easy to transport and erect, makes them suitable for pretty much any sector, as the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital project highlighted.

We were approached by Chelsea and Westminster to install a facility to be used inside the hospital, situated on a large mezzanine area on the third floor. The hospital had to find a quick and robust solution to free up much needed space in other areas and so it was decided that by building a temporary, secure facility on this area for office work, as well as for physiotherapy services, it would increase the space available for other departments within the main building.

A significant advantage of using one of Showplace’s temporary structures was the rapid deployment of that structure, taking only one day to build. Building and construction work can be extremely disruptive, particularly inside a busy hospital. To create additional, flexible space within a day, reduces turmoil and disruption for both staff and patients. All of the materials within our structures complied with strict fire retardancy requirements, necessary within a hospital. Additionally, heating and electrical services were already present within the main building, which made the process even quicker.

Some time after the structure was initially installed, the Showplace team was tasked with moving the facility to another location within Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, to create space in a different area at a time when some major refurbishment was being undertaken.

Using our MODA structures to provide additional, quality internal or external space, as well as internal partition walls, has provided a lifeline for many organisations, particularly when social distancing has been essential in hospitality, schools and offices.

Whether you will be using our temporary modular structures as meeting rooms, school classrooms, treatment space or offices, all solutions can be insulated and installed with heating and electrical supply. Surfaces within the structures are easy to sanitise and there is the option of immersive wall graphics to provide an attractive and tranquil environment for users. Whether you opt for a woodland or beach scene, a cityscape, or boats on the water, our space solutions offer so much more than a shed or cabin! Whilst solid walls are available, you can also opt for floor to ceiling windows to provide a view of the outside world. The choice is yours!

With our temporary structures, you will receive, as standard:

  • Fully rendered design.
  • Delivery, installation and dismantle
  • Choice of solid or glazed walling
  • Choice of doors: single, double or bi-fold
  • Integrated flooring – a choice of carpet or vinyl.

Our unique ‘turn key service’ includes expert services such as: design and build, project management, delivery, installation and removal.


There are many benefits to our MODA structures for increasing your space capacity.

  • The structures can be rapidly deployed on both hard ground (eg. carparks) or on grass and turfed areas
  • They usually take only one day to build
  • Extra space resource is achievable quickly and efficiently, reducing disruption for staff, employees, students etc.
  • They can be installed with heating and electricity, perfect for use all year round
  • All materials within our structures comply with strict fire retardancy requirements
  • Our structures provide a safe, hygienic, enclosed facility
  • The temporary nature of our structures means you only hire for a duration to suit your organisation’s requirements
  • No lengthy contracts
  • No planning permission required

Our modular structures transform into an abundance of design possibilities. Whether you are looking to install a ‘one-off’ temporary space for a short period of time, or whether you need to create a longer term additional space, our structures are available in many sizes including: 5x5m, 6x6m and 12x12m. The unique design of our MODA structures enables them to link together to provide an almost unlimited range of layouts, shapes and sizes for a wide range of uses. We can also install internal walling to create multiple rooms/areas within your temporary space. Your Showplace space really is a blank canvas offering a bespoke space solution to be customised to meet your needs.

Showplace Ltd can also provide a fleet of mobile trailers, ranging from 4m to 12m in size, which are perfect for smaller space requirements away from a main building. They are particularly useful for one-to-one  or small group meetings, as well as small group and one-to-one tuition within an educational setting. There are a number of benefits to using a trailer:

  • Their mobility makes them particularly useful for reaching more remote geographical areas
  • They can serve multiple sites; perfect for organisations that operate across many sites
  • There is no requirement for planning permission for long term installations
  • They are economical with space, with some as small as a car park bay.

To find out more about how we can help your business increase its space in a very short space of time, please complete the form and we will then contact you to discuss your requirements and demonstrate how we can help.


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