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Bespoke Stand Designs – With our experienced team of exhibition stand designers and builders on hand to help, we can offer a range of high quality exhibition furniture to suit your event needs.

Exhibition furniture

At Showplace we have a wide range of furniture available to hire for your exhibition stand. No matter what style and tone you want to create for your event, we have furniture that can help create a visual aesthetic that will attract visitors and make your products and brand memorable to potential new customers.

Whatever your requirements, we have an excellent choice of exhibition furniture for hire, including: counters, workstations, display plinths, seating and tables, lecterns, display cases, shelving, event flooring and more. Make your company stand out from the competition with top quality furniture options.

Why hire your exhibition furniture?

Hiring exhibition furniture lets you create any environment you want without the stress and strain of having to move multiple pieces of sometimes bulky and heavy furniture around to different events. Also, exhibition furniture hire gives you the opportunity to experiment with different colours and styles to match your objectives and branding.

Hiring also enables you to take a step back and assess what worked and what didn’t at your stand. You can gain a better understanding of which pieces of furniture were most used, and which items you can probably do without in future, and change your order accordingly.

How does hiring exhibition furniture help you?

The practicality of hiring your exhibition furniture is one of the main reasons why it is so popular. You don’t need to invest large sums in your own furniture, which is useful as fashion and design changes frequently, and you want to keep up with modern trends to appeal to visitors at an event.

By hiring your furniture, you don’t have to worry about the practicalities and cost of storage. You also won’t have to concern yourself with maintenance issues.

Lower your costs

Buying furniture for your event can be very expensive, especially if you have a specific look or style in mind that involves high price items. You then also have the burden of either finding somewhere to store the furniture or sell it after an event.

If you don’t have space on your own premises, any furniture you have bought may require hired storage space which can be expensive, especially given the size and length of time that might be required for storing some of the bulkier pieces of furniture. Hiring furniture is usually much more cost effective than buying the furniture outright.

Don’t compromise on quality

The difference between the items of exhibition furniture you can afford to buy, and the ones you can hire, can be vastly different. Hiring furniture is a great way to get high quality furniture items that can make a big impact on your event.

It’s possible you may not realistically be able to afford the furniture you really want and would otherwise have to compromise. This could affect the overall impression of your exhibition stand and how visitors respond to your business.

Another benefit of hiring furniture is you can specify your exact requirements rather than being restricted by previous furniture purchasing decisions you have made. Instead of having to ‘make do’, and potentially use furniture that isn’t appealing or doesn’t match, you can hire quality furniture that really won’t ruin the aesthetic appeal of your stand.

A broader range of choice

Similar to your options on quality, the range of choice you have when you hire furniture will be a lot broader than buying furniture. We have a wide selection of furniture items as well as ones that follow the latest trends in exhibition furniture and event décor. There are no limits in bringing your ideas and vision for your stand to life with the help of our stunning exhibition furniture.

Save time when planning your event

Hiring your furniture can save a lot of time in planning and organisation. You simply have to choose what you want and how long you need to hire it for. Your choice of furniture will help you firm up the design and other aspects of your exhibition area, in line with the furniture you have selected.

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