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We have a wide range of chairs available for hire to complement your exhibition stand, event structure or exhibition trailer. Below you will find a selection to give you an idea of the styles available.
Bistro Chair

Bistro Chair

Chair Swivel Bow Chair Red

Swivel Bow Chair

Chair Swivel Pod Chair

Swivel Pod Chair

mint bar stool black

Mint Bar Chair

Chair Honey Chair Padded Chrome

Bistro Chair

Chair Pyramid Chair

Swivel Bow Chair

Chair Jam Chair

Swivel Pod Chair

Chair Star Chair Blue

Mint Bar Chair

Chair Dove Chair

Bistro Chair

Chair Up Chair

Swivel Bow Chair

Chair Bertoia Style

Swivel Pod Chair

We have lots more chairs available...

Why choose exhibition chairs from Showplace?

Our wide variety of exhibition chairs provides both traditional and modern designs for you to choose from for all your exhibition stand needs. The majority of our exhibition chair range is available for hire in a variety of colours so you can be sure your professional image and brand is enhanced in every aspect of your exhibition stand. The overall design of your stand will determine the style of exhibition chair you need.


Even though it’s unlikely you will be doing a great deal of sitting yourself whilst you’re at an exhibition, customers and potential customers may welcome the opportunity to use them! Exhibition chairs provide an opportunity for you to welcome visitors over to your stand, so that you can sit down in a formal or informal setting, depending on the style of the exhibition space you have created.


We provide a wide range of exhibition chairs suitable for different uses in your exhibition space. From casual sitting to formal discussion areas to eating spaces, we have chairs fit for each purpose. Whatever the requirements of your event, we have a chair that will suit the needs of your business and your visitors to make your exhibition stand as successful as possible.


Why is having the right exhibition chairs important?

The chairs you choose for your exhibition stand may not seem like the most important part of your promotion, but they can play a significant role. For example, the visual impact and aesthetic of your stand can be more effective if the colours coordinate with each other. A random clash of colours can create an impression that you are less professional and have not put much effort into planning your promotion, which could deter potential new customers.


Comfort is also a key consideration, as there is no point in designing your stand to have matching chairs if they are not suitable or comfortable to sit on for visitors. New and existing customers may want to sit down and have a longer conversation with you but could be put off by the style of chair you have chosen, especially if it is too high, low, hard, soft, narrow, or wide.


All of this is worth thinking about when you are organising your exhibition stand and looking to hire chairs. We can supply exhibition chairs to accommodate many styles you have in mind for your event, and this will create a positive impression on those who pass by or visit your stand on the day. 


Get in touch to discuss your project with one of our specialists to find the solutions that fit your business.
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