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Networking At Events

Trade Fairs and Events offer a great opportunity to speak face to face with the people you spend your time selling to. Don’t bombard visitors with a sales pitch, your priority should be to make a connection, you can also aim to get a date in the diary for a further conversation.

I have been given many pearls of wisdom on networking and making contacts, here are the top 5 that have served me well, go forth and use them!

1. Smile – the majority of communication is done through body language, smiling will relax you as well as the person you are talking to.

2. Build Connections – just because the person you are talking to might not be a likely client themselves, they may well have contacts who are exactly who you want to meet.

3. Appearance – Make the effort to look presentable, dress appropriately for your company or brand, you are representing them. If you don’t bother to make this effort you will give the impression that you don’t care about what you do or sell, so why would anyone want to buy from you?

4. Check Out The Competition – take the time to walk around other stands, see where people seem to be spending the most time and why that might be.

5. Go Visit – Suppliers, customers, and prospects will appreciate you making the effort to visit them on their own stands. You will also learn more about them and their business that will help you provide them with great service in the future.

6. Follow Up – This is vital, do it promptly and make it personal. For example if you met someone on the stand who turned out to be a fellow rugby fan, mention it – they will be pleased that you remembered the conversation and will feel valued. “It was great to meet you at such and such event, I can’t believe the All Blacks beat Wales though did you see the game?” will help you to open a conversation more than “It was great to meet you at the show last week, would you like me to send you a price list?”.

Showplace have over 25 years experience creating award winning stands for clients such as CAT and Mazda. If you’d like some help giving your exhibition stand, structure or trailer the X Factor just call 01789 331073 to speak to one of our knowledgeable, friendly team.

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