KTR Exhibition StandProviding a first class solution for all your exhibition needs.

For over 30 years, Showplace has excelled in providing first class reusable exhibition stands to a multitude of clients.

Whether you are attending an event for a single day, a few days, or require a stand that will last you for a number of years, Showplace has a solution for you.

Our exhibition stands can be built to your custom design, or you can select an option from our ECHO stand packagesthus providing you with a vast number of choices to make your stand as eye-catching and desirable as possible.

The main benefit of these stands is that they are fully reusable and long-lasting.

Consequently, you will not need to purchase a new stand for every event that you attend over the coming years.

Instead, our reusable exhibition stands, which are available in range of dimensions, will provide a first class solution every time.

Discover more by visiting our reusable exhibition stands gallery.

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