Three New Trailer Roadshow Management wins for Showplace

With our Trailer and Roadshow management programmes going from strength to strength, this year has already seen Showplace secure three new Trailer and Roadshow Management programmes for some very large household brands, two of which come from the high street chain restaurant world and a state of the art exhibition trailer for an internationally recognised tool company.

Our Trailer Project Management expertise coupled with our experience in delivering seamless programmes without a hitch, has allowed us to secure the roadshows into a partnership spanning over multiple years. With our longstanding client portfolio standing testament to this, including Mazda, Asics and Wiggle, Showplace are excited to bring these three new brands on board and help create and deliver an effective Experiential Marketing programme.


If you are interested in our Food Trucks and Trailer Management Programmes/Roadshows, please send an email to or call us on 01789 262701 to see how we can help you deliver your brand on the road!

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