New Technologies to Improve Your Exhibition Stands in 2016

Client KTR Event RWM Equipment Bespoke Indoor Stand 1As everyone knows exhibitions have become an ever popular meeting platform for businesses to connect with other businesses and their audiences. In a crowded space, jam packed with information overload from numerous exhibitors it is vital to maximise the potential of your allotted space and stand out. It provides a perfect opportunity to connect with audiences on a mass scale, however if you don’t do right, your time, effort and most importantly money is wasted, and this exercise just becomes a cost to the business. However, if done right, you can really reap the rewards.

2016 is shaping up to be a very exciting year for exhibition stand design thanks to a number of technologies that will enable advertisers to promote themselves in more captivating and interactive ways.

With the ever evolving world of tech, exhibition visitors are rightly expecting to witness stands that most the make of the latest technology available to them. In the past exhibition stand designs were simply modular shaped boxes that included branded imagery, but things are now about to change thanks to the latest technologies available:


Interactive Screens: Although this isn’t necessarily a new technology, not many exhibition stands took advantage of interactive screens, meaning that they are losing out on promoting themselves to potential new customers as effectively as they could be.

Incorporating an interactive screen, wall or floor into your exhibition stand design will help to engage visitors, enabling them to connect with your brand in a way that they never have done before. At the same time, using an interactive screen will help you get your message across to visitors more successfully thanks to the use of graphics, images and videos.


QR Codes: Exhibition visitors tend to be very busy people, therefore it is vital that you grab their attention as quickly as possible, especially when they are attending an extremely popular exhibition.

One of the best technologies to ensure that this happens is Quick Response codes (QR Codes for short). These provide links into your website, online material or mobile apps and, as the QR codes are saved on the mobile device, it enables the user to return to your online information after they have left the event. This means that, even after the event has finished, the user still has access to your information.


Augmented Reality: This enables computer-generated graphics to overlay the real world and can be accessed easily through applications that have been developed for mobile devices.

The benefit of augmented reality is that you can merge the real world alongside virtual graphics, allowing you to present your data in a way that you might never have previously imagined.


In addition to the aforementioned technologies, there are additional options available to companies these days that will help your exhibition stand to become an even greater visitor experience. As we all know, the main objective of promoting your company and products via an exhibition stand is to remain in people’s thought once they have returned home and, thanks to these new technologies, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be achieving this goal every time.

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