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3 Great Tips For Exhibitors To Remember

If you’re exhibiting at a trade show or event, you will be keen to make your investment as profitable as possible. There are a handful of key things it will pay to remember…

1.Visiting your stand may be the first experience a potential client has of your brand.

Take the time think about what you can do to make a great impact in terms of design and layout. Remember to consider it from a visitors aspect – what will they see first? Is your stand located on a corner plot or in the centre of the exhibition?

Unique Exhibition Stands

2. Making new connections is one of the most valuable parts of exhibiting

Remember to arrange for extra members of your team to come along so that there is always someone available to talk to a stand visitor.

Networking at Events

3.Current Clients will visit your stand too.

Make sure you have room to offer them some hospitality. Remember to invite them along in advance and make sure they know how to find the stand when they arrive at the event.

 Agribank exhibition stand


Agribank made sure their stand was relevant to their clients by welcoming them in with seating, refreshments and copies of the Farmers Guardian newspaper!

Click here for more examples of great trade stands, these guys got it right…

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